Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back on Campus

It's been a long two weeks for me! I went to band camp for college and came back two days ago, and then I moved into my dorm yesterday night! It's been a crazy hectic week. Band camp was awful (yet bearable) as usual: marching, learning show work for color guard and dealing with aching feet and limbs. Then I came back home and showered (properly!) did laundry, and finished packing, stayed the night at home, and then came back to the campus.

I'm kind of glad I live so close to the state university. If I'd gotten my way and gone to an out-of-state university, I'd have a harder time with transportation and getting items I need! It's so easy for me because if I know I left something at home, I can always ask my parents to come drive down here and drop it off for me! :)

Marching band begins full swing on Monday with a 3 hour afternoon/evening rehearsal. It's going to be so hot! It's hot enough in my dorm room already. I'm just sitting here on my computer and I'm sweating! Thank goodness my roommate brought a fan. Smart thinking! :O

Classes start on Tuesday and I have a band performance on Wednesday and a football game to go to on Saturday! It's going to be a busy semester all right! Phew!

Credit: boo21190 on deviantart!

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  1. Ha! That cartoon is hilarious. I was in band for 7 years so I can relate to the tiredness and what not.
    -Zefaniya (Follow me #14)