Friday, August 17, 2012


I've recently discovered a new Youtube channel called WIGS. It stands for "When it gets interesting.". WIGS is a channel that produces deep and thought-provoking series about women and their stories of life, love, jobs, etc. I prefer to think of it as women in situations/professions that the public knows little about.

In WIGS series Blue (starring Julia Stiles), the story follows the life of a high-end prostitute/escort Blue and how she juggles her office day job, her work as an escort, and how she raises her son as a single mom. Now I know for sure that prostitution is an industry in which not many people know about. But what makes this series interesting is that it doesn't focus on her job, it focuses on Blue herself, her emotions, her relationships with others, and her struggles as a single-mom. It's a powerful series and there are many more like it .

There's Jan, the story of a photographer's assistant helping out on her boss's photography book. There's Dakota, the mini-series about a Vegas poker player who struggles financially while also taking care of a young son. Then there's Christine (played by America Ferarra), a young woman attending a speed dating session for reasons that may surprise you!

There are plenty more series by WIGS and I encourage you to check out some of their work!

Here's a link to the youtube channel:

Screenshot from Dakota


  1. WIGS sounds interesting will have to check it out when I have some extra time.
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  2. This sounds interesting I will definitely check this out :)

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  3. Checkin' out that site and thanks for following on my blog. Sure appreciate that.

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