Monday, August 6, 2012

I spy email swap

I did an email swap a while back where we had to play I spy and take pictures of all the things we found that were on the list! Here were my finds.

Something big (Hoover Dam)
Something blue (toy magnifying glass)
Something dark (fallen tree)
Something fast (chipmunk)
Something funny (funny sign)
Something fuzzy (mini cactus)
Something green (peacock feathers)
Something purple (cause bracelet)
Something red (clear hourglass)
Something rough (tree bark)
Something round (glass globe)
Something scary (dragon incense stick holder)
Something shiny (gold bangles)
Something slow (dripping faucet)
Something slow 2 (water drop)
Something smooth (seashell)
Something that flies (my parakeet Kurt)
Something tiny (flower gem)
Something wacky (a bunny drawing my sister made)
Something wet (a stream)
Something yellow (egg yolk)


  1. WOW!!! This is so interesting!!! Love this swap. You have a talent for photography!! Loved all your pictures. Very Creative ;)
    - Love Comment Blog ♥ (7)(rtwong)

  2. Those pictures are great. That chipmunk is so cute. Love Comment Blog ♥ (7) sammylouise40

  3. I like this swap! I am new in swapping so I have many things to learn.


    1. This was one of my favorite swaps because I like photography a lot! :)

  4. What a fun swap, this sounds like you enjoyed it a lot. Great pictures! I wonder will there be another one like it? New follower AnaGoncalves from Swap-bot

  5. How fun and what a great way to promote Swap-Bot! Loved your photo's.
    Liz Follow Me 4

  6. I have always loved ISpy whatever the version. I am sure there was a great variety of pictures if you looked at everyones.
    Follow Me #4 JustIngrid

  7. These pictures are all gorgeous. I love the colours in the hourglass picture.