Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goodies from the UAE

I did another swap a while back, it's a very well known swap called "Goodies From My Country" ! I sent items from India to my partner living in Japan and I received items from the United Arab Emirates! In my package, I received:
  • 2  brochures, one about Emirati dress code and the other about the Desert landscape/climate
  • 2 tea bags usually used for special occasions
  • 1 magnet/bottle opener with a picture of camels!
  • 1 coaster with a common Persian rug design on it
  • a wonderful letter explaining life in the Emirates as compared to the US (my partner lived in the US before moving to the UAE to teach English)
Here are some of the points mentioned in my letter (I'm not putting them all in here however):
1. Five times every day we hear the Call to Prayer. It is broadcast throughout the city over loud speakers and can start as early as 4:30 am, and last as late as 8:30 or 9pm. After a while you don't really hear it much- you get used to it.
3.  Food is cheap here- as is gas. The government regulates prices, so no matter where you shop Pepsi is about 45 cents. A gallon of gas is about $1.25. Fruits and veggies are so cheap you almost have to eat them- you can buy a bag of potatoes for a dollar.
5. Everyone wears TONS of perfume. Men hold hands and rub noses with other men. Women kiss each other on the cheek as a greeting. BUT, the men don't greet the women.
6. It is very safe to live here. There is almost no crime and not cussing. The dress code is strict- no tank tops or short shorts in public. Everyone knows that if they commit a crime they will be deported. there is a death penalty for a few crimes, which include: rape, murder, adultery (sometimes) and converting from Muslim to another religion. I am free to be Christian, but can't try to convert others to my faith.
7. Mostly I want to say that the Middle East is NOT what American news portrays. Most Muslims don't hate non-Muslims. In fact, they are very friendly and curious about me. They love America here in the United Arab Emirates!

I loved hearing about how the UAE was different from the USA, and gave many thanks to my partner for sending me the items and the letter.

A tiny peek into the UAE.


  1. Hi Lesly,
    I"m your newest follower from the Swap-bot swap...New to Blogging?...
    You've made a very pretty blog here with this background.
    A fascinating report about UAE. Other cultures are so interesting. I'm an American living in Ukraine. It's been a trip.

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  2. Sorry for my late, but my mom was at the hospital and I had to go back to her town to stay with her. Now thank God she is fine. Damn, I hate leaving everything, especially my work, without an explanation, but I didn't have time.
    I love your blog! I am gonna be your new follower. I also do swaps and when I receive something from a different country it's such a happy moment.
    Krizia, Follow me #4