Friday, August 24, 2012

Band Camp

I do colorguard in Marching Band for my university, and tomorrow, I'll be heading off to band camp at 7am in the morning!

I'm really excited because I've been home for way to long and I'm itching to get out of the house, be active again, and to see my band friends again. Of course, I'll be learning show work and drill too, but the social aspect is a lot more fun to think about that anticipating standing in the hot sun on a football field. :D

Our first show this year is a Spanish show; we're doing Spanish Fantasy, Malaguena, and Spanish Heart by Chick Corea. Yes, I know Spanish themes for marching bands are wildly overdone, but I've been lucky to have never done one in highschool. I'm actually excited for my first Spanish show since I've never done one before!

I return from camp on Thursday. I'll go to my campus afterwords, pick up my room key for my dorm/hostel, and then move in on Thursday and Friday! Then I'll get to see more non-band friends! Can't wait to return to campus! :)

Pretty flags. :)

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  1. Enjoy and good luck in the school year ahead!
    Liz from S-B