Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Women in Flight

If you look at Google today, you'll notice a new logo! It's Amelia Earhart's 115th birthday! What an inspiring woman! She had guts and she had grace and she died a hero to many. I may have done a school report on her while in elementary school.

Happy 115th birthday Amelia Earhart!

We also have some saddening news as well today. Astronaut Sally Ride, the first American woman to go into space, died yesterday at the young age of 61 after battling pancreatic cancer for almost 2 years. I know I definitely did a school project on her; I remember checking out her biography from the school library to work on that project.

A tribute to Sally Ride

These women were trailblazers in their respective fields, and I applaud their life, their accomplishments, and most of all, their spirits!


  1. I was stunned when I heard Sally Ride had passed away. I didn't think she was old enough, and then I found out she was battling pancreatic cancer, and that explained a lot. I was still sad to hear of her passing.

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  2. Sally Ride was such an amazing person, I know I did reports on her as well in school. What a great role model for all women!

    xo, katie
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