Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Record Keeping

A lot of people post pictures of things they make on Flickr and sites like that. I suppose it's a good way to keep track of one's creations. Well I say screw it, I'll just keep doing what I do. Hoo ha. This is a possible (definite) continuation of ATC mania. I really must stop (swapping). I'll be going back to band camp at the end of August and immediately after, I'll be moving into my new dorm for the fall semester. I don't want to deal with being in my dorm and receiving swaps at my home address.  I really must stop signing up for swaps! At least until school is in full swing. XD

Frida Kahlo ATC- Tray With Poppies
Name ATC for Val
Bipolar Disorder ATC
Hearts for Everyone swap
Pocky Mania- food packaging collage


  1. Those cards are very pretty ^_^

    I know your feeling, I must also move to school dormitory again in fall and I don't want to receive swaps&letters to my home address.
    I'm thinking to solve the problem by giving the address of my high school/dorm to my swap-partners and penpals =D
    Though I think the teachers and students will look at me a bit weirdly if I receive all the time cards,letters,packets,,, LOL
    But I don't want to give up on snail mail either so I must do what I can do !

    From. Jungpo,
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  2. That pocky ATC is pretty cute.


  3. Your atc's are very pretty! I am always in awe of everyones art work.
    I would let everyone at school think what they wanted. Am sure there will be others who wished they got fun mail at school.
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    Swap bot

  4. Yumm pocky. Atc's are addictive along with swap-bot.
    JustIngrid - Follow Me #3