Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Derp When it Comes to Driving

Today, I went to go pick up my brother from the skatepark, and I got super lost. First, I couldn't find the place on 206 North cause the sign is so small! I was just driving back and forth on 206 until I finally saw the sign! I was an hour and 40 minutes late apparently. Sorry bro!

Okay, then when I pulled out of the parking lot, I was supposed to take a left on 206 South, but I accidentally continued right, forgetting that it wasn't a "real" highway and that I didn't have to make a u-turn. Uh oops!

It took me twice as long to get home, and I think I passed through  Sussex County too, according to a sign.

If they ever try and get rid of Global Positioning Systems, I will probably support it cause I'm all anti-technology and all. Seriously people, study a road map! (Including me, HA!)

The way I got there
The way I came home
So the lesson is: If you drive with me, oh the places you go.


  1. My gosh, this is exactly why I don't drive anywhere! I am navigationally challenged.

  2. You want to know what really sucks? going the wrong way on the highway in a semi. I've spent many a time finding out I'm going the wrong way. Wake up, still groggy, and go south instead of north.

    I kept a GPS in my truck, but it was more to tell me how far in milage it was to my destination, and an eta of when I'd be in. I stil lcatch myself looking for my GPS, even though I gave it to my girlfriend when we stopped driving long haul.

    I think I've been on that section of I80, I've driven almost all of it over the last 5 years.