Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shopper's Trance

I recently noticed this while I was out shopping with my mom yesterday morning. It's called shopper's trance (or retail trance according to urbandictionary, but I prefer shopper's trance). It's that moment when a woman is so engrossed while shopping and looking at items that she completely ignores everything around her.

Lol. Image from Sean Locke Photography 
Most women are subject to shopper's trance. Now don't tell me that you haven't fallen under the trance, sometimes I catch myself under it too! A woman walks into a store looking for something and then she gets to the right section in the store and starts browsing around. She enters into shopper's trance while looking through clothing racks or inspecting goods. She won't say anything, her face will be expression-less, and if one could read her mind, it would be completely void of complex thought (only primitive thoughts would arise, such as "Hmm, not that one", "Color", "What's that?" or "What's over there?").

The only way to get a woman out of shopper's trance is to constantly pester her and ask her "Are you done yet?" or "Are you ready to go?" until she answers you or gets annoyed and tells you "Hold on a second"! (Ha! More like another 15 minutes!)

And even then, she might only be subconsciously answering you while still under the trance. She might say "Yeah, I'm almost done" or "Yeah, in a second" while still expressionlessly browsing through the stores items. This happened with my mother yesterday. We were walking to the checkout when I, under the shopper's trance (Hey, I'm not immune to it you know!) beelined towards the necklace rack cause I saw something cool. My mom followed me and started looking at items too. I snapped out of the trance and asked my mom if she was ready to go. She said "Yeah, let's go" while blatantly continuing to pick up items, put them down and look at other things, still under the trance.

Shopper's trance isn't something that can be cured, it's just something that happens, like slipping on a wet floor or tearing up while cutting onions. It can be resisted though. With the proper training, a woman can resist falling under the trance by remaining alert and/or having a shopping companion to engage in conversation with. Active use of the brain is a surefire way to prevent shopper's trance. So to all the boyfriends, husbands, friends, sons and daughters of women out there, first of all, I'm sorry if you go shopping with women in the first place, it takes forever, especially if they fall under the trance! Second of all, you can take the necessary measures to prevent shopper's trance, after all, it's only up to you to make sure you go in and out the store to get  exactly what you need!

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