Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rainbow Pinboard

A friend introduced me to Color Me Katie a while back and after the spring semester ended, I was inspired to make something of my own that's colorful! I had so many collector's pins lying around and sitting in boxes, and I'd always wanted to make some kind of display board for them! And now I finally had free time to make it!

I grabbed a big piece of cardboard, all of my old Tae Kwon Doe belts, and my mom's sewing kit and got started!

The first thing I did was measure out the belts (in rainbow order of course!)  and cut them so about 4-6 inches lay beyond the edge of the cardboard. I then sewed (using a long and thick sewing needle) the belts to the cardboard using an overcast stitch (or a hemming stitch, I'm not really sure! ).

It took a couple of weeks to finish and I'd recommend only doing a little bit a day since sewing thick belts to thick cardboard is very tiresome!

When I finished I added all my pins to my pinboard and separated them by color! All in a hard 2-weeks work.

rainbow pinboard
I need some purple pins...

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